Just Announced!

Promo Cutters Launched See Flier!

JProductions will be making Wendy Lloyd’s music video for her new single ‘Peter Doherty’.

TJ Directing/Producing

JProductions will be shooting Promo of High School Musical Theatre Production first week in June.

JProductions shooting ‘Bonded Passion’ Pilot first week in June. Editing has already began.

Shooting begins on 19th May of Documentary for Frank Wise.

TJ Directing

JProductions shooting installation for artist Sheridan Horne the third week of May.

Chip Chat’ animation nominated for award at Stoke your Fires Animation Festival. TJ was live action producer.

On the Horizon

Filming Dates have set for October for ‘Queko’ Children’s Anglo/Chilean Fantasy Series in Iquique Chile - TJ Directing/Producing

Shooting pilot in July for talent game show for Indie production company. July – TJ Directing/Producing

Awaiting news from Oxford & Cherwell Valley College on the production of end of year DVD - TJ Directing/Producing

Awaiting news from Screen West Midlands on the Advantage Development Fund - TJ Directing/Producing

In discussions with B3 media and Channel 4 with Gobsmacked! Anglo/Chilean Feature Film Project.

Developing Feature Film script with John Kay Steel and Graham Wickings

Working with Liverpool Based Screen writer Stephen Bishop on Angelito Anglo/Chilean Feature Film Project

Shooting Dance – Musical Short Film in August - TJ Directing/Producing

Shooting Virgin Short in June with Grahame Wickings - TJ Co Directing/Producing

Filming instillation for Artist Sheridan Horn in May - TJ Directing/Producing


Awards Sizzlers for Disney Channel – The Walt Disney Company - TJ Directed/Creative

Launched ‘Final 24’ new documentary series for Fox FX - TJ Directed/Creative

DVD recording of Leatherat performance has sold out - TJ Directed

El Espiritu of Animitas’ Chilean Short film is complete and has been entered into Festivals worldwide - TJ Directing/Producing

New cut of Little Big Men Children’s fantasy drama pilot for Highscore Productions is near completion - TJ Directing/ Co Producing