Tony Jopia


Chilean born and Political refugee Tony Jopia has worked in television for nearly 20 years as a Director/Producer/Writer but it’s only recently that he has returned to his other creative love - photography.

Tony aims to illustrate that taking a good photograph is not about the quality of the camera but having the spontaneity to identify a photographic moment. Recently, he illustrated this point by creating a portfolio of photographs taken with a 3 million pixels phone camera.

In addition to his photography, Tony has taken part in and lead creative teams that have undertaken massive broadcasting challenges in Europe and the UK, such as the launch of BSB, Carlton Television, Film 4, CITV in the UK and a number of Disney Channels. After 15 years in Children’s Television, including a stint as Head of Creative for Disney Channel and along the way winning numerous national and international creative awards,

In the last 5 years, amongst the success in the world of on-air promotions, Tony has produced and directed a number of pilots for various broadcasters including Disney Channel and CITV, all resulting in getting commissioned.

Jopia Productions has also achieved success with a number of short films. Including the award winning ‘The Student Body’ a children’s comedy and the UK FILM COUNCIL and Screen West Midlands commissioned ‘Warped!’. This led to ‘El Espiritu de Animatas’ to be filmed, a Spanish speaking short thriller shot in the north of Chile, presently in post production at ITV. Most recently he directed Love Sick for ITV Creative and Little Big Men, a 50 minutes children’s pilot fantasy/drama for HighScore Productions.

Most recently, Tony’s script has been short-listed to the final two by SWM and TFC for this years Digital extreme, the drama is set in a small Cornish seaside town and the backdrop of Chile’s political problem in the 70’s. He is presently in development on a number of Anglo/Chilean projects, which include a slate of children’s fantasy dramas, a documentary exploring the roots of Chilean Tango and his grandfather’s fame as a tango singer in the 50’s. He has also completed a script for a 50’s style Rock n roll musical.